Strong Love

More than half of the people who read this blog are men, and in my experience, us men are, for various reasons, a little bit less in tune with vulnerability, compassion, and senstivity.

We sometimes have a tendency to respond with a more physical or threatening kind of anger, or even to shut things down completely, which is another form of violence.

Now, please note that I have intentionally used several qualifying phrases here: ‘most, a little bit, sometimes.’

This is not all-encompassing; both women and men can do all of these things, and also the opposite of all of these things.

So here’s my question for you guys (and girls) who are focused on ‘being strong’, in multiple ways.

(And, I am one of you.)

Are you Strong enough to Love Strongly enough?

Because to Love Strongly has much more to do with being open & vulnerable than it does with your physical or financial muscle.

Yes, those muscles may help you be in a position to better tap into your heart ‘muscle’, but they are not required to do so.

What’s required is a willingness to open up your heart, rather than flex your other muscles, and maybe even get hurt in the process.

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