No Program Is Perfect

No program is perfect.

All programs are flawed.

(As Coach Zach points out.)

What does he mean?

Well, when it comes to exercise, strength, & conditioning: even the best, most proven, tried & tested programs need to be tweaked for the individual athlete’s particular situation at some point.

You can have an awesome program planned out, but if your client is a 17 year-old boy who just broke up with his girlfriend last night, hasn’t slept or eaten, and it mentally checked out, then it’s probably not wise to have him test a one-rep max back squat.

That’s just one hypothetical example.

As a coach you must be able to adapt any program to what serves the athlete best.

Outside of the gym, this applies to many other areas of life.

As a leader in business, for example, you must continually assess and discard what isn’t working.

If you don’t want to get left behind, that is.

Having a great program is great.

Not being completely stuck to that program is even better.

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