The Best Job I Never Did

One of the best coaching jobs I ever did was one I never did.

The client wanted to do a nutrition program, but after their intake, I knew they weren’t ready.

There was simply just way too much going on.

But rather than trying to convince them that they should not start, I guided them towards realizing it on their own.

I asked them direct, hard questions. I told them to really sit with these questions over the whole weekend before even getting back to me.

In the end, they realized on their own that they were NOT ready.

In fact, what they really needed was something completely different; not a nutrition program at all, but instead, to take care of some things in their personal life that had nothing to do with diet.

They might be ready for a diet change one day.

We’ll see.

But they’re growing in the right direction now, without me.

It would have been easy to take the job and say ‘yes’.

But that was NOT in their best interests.

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