They Need You

One thing I’ve learned through coaching people over the years is that while it is great to be prepared – and I probably prepare much more than the average coach or teacher – at some point, the lesson or meeting has to begin.

And sometimes, there are just some things you are not going to be prepared for.

Perhaps it falls on you, that you failed to make the time.

But more often, the meeting, conversation, or lesson is simply going to take an unexpected turn.

What you thought was going to be discussed is not what the other person wants to discuss at all.

So, here’s the thing: you are ready.

You were already ready before you started preparing.

Knowing your material is important, but it’s not the whole battle.

Coming to the session simply being open to whatever is presented, and being there for the other person (or people) is what they really need from you.

They don’t need you to memorize a textbook or spreadsheet.

They need you.

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