Giving Magical Gifts

Something magical happens when you give your best work away for free, with no strings attached, and no expectation of anything in return.

You become the one who people seek out, and who they are gladly willing to pay for.

This is a very difficult concept for us to grasp.

Intellectually, you can understand it.

But the best way to really see how it works is to feel it.

Here’s one example, there are many others:

In a world where trainers & coaches are scrambling to figure out how to train their clients remotely, Precision Nutrition just released this comprehensive, free, massive database of online exercise videos, complete with programming and notes.

Precision Nutrition has been giving away awesome information like this for years. That’s why they’re so respected.

They simply took it to another level with this spreadsheet. They even gave a separate link for you to copy it all for yourself, with just one click.

When you put something magical out there, magical things happen for you too.

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