Meaningful Work

I once shut down a 97 year-old family-owned small business. I was the fourth generation, the one that it ended on. It closed for a few key reasons, some internal, some external.

It wasn’t attacked during riots like my friends’ third generation family-owned liquor store in Minnesota was the other night. His store was burnt down completely to the ground. (No one was hurt.)

The former businesses of my friend and I have one very important thing in common.

I shared this with him as well. It’s something I learned over the years since our closing.

No fire, person, or catastrophe can take away the true value that a business creates during its time.

Its true value is created, and will always live on in relationships, stories, and experiences.

It does not reside in any object, product, or structure.

For example, I have my grandfather’s old cash register from the 40’s in my garage. Except, that is merely a physical object; it does not actually mean anything.

Yet, every day, in business & in life, I continue to draw on our work and experiences, even in the work I do at my new company, and in other projects.

Why is this important?

Because whether you’re self-employed, or work in a large corporation; whether you’re business is 1 or 100 years old, what you do (and how you do it) every day matters.

That’s what you truly leave behind.

That’s the only thing you can bring forward with you tomorrow.

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