How Do You Feel About Failure?

I was talking about this question with some friends yesterday, and my thoughts around this were ultimately brought back to something I often blog about:

Whatever you’ve been through, whatever “fire walks” you’ve had (literal or metaphorical), however “badly you’ve failed” (in your eyes, or others’), all of that can be made to serve a purpose.

A great and powerful purpose, in fact.

First, let’s note that I said “can be made to” which means that your fire walks do not serve a purpose on their own. Action on your part is required.

The experiences which come from your fire walks, your “failures”, are filled with tremendous potential energy. (Just like you are.)

You can catalyze that potential energy into kinetic.

You can transform those experiences of pain into the ability to heal.

Not only to heal yourself, but also, to heal others.

In fact, I will also suggest that the more pain and “failure” you have been through, the more equipped you are to bring light, healing, peace, and love into this world, exponentially.

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