A Battle For Your Mind

I get distracted from what I should be doing all the time.

I’m a pretty driven and focused person. Perhaps not the ‘best in the world’, but certainly not on the lazy side of things.

So how is it, with all of that drive and focus, that little things get in my way?

It’s not easy. Actually, companies with a lot of money are literally fighting for your attention.

They want to steal as much of it as they can, and they’re good at it too.

Make no mistake, you are in a the middle of a battle for your mind.

You will need to practice discipline and awareness.

I could have looked at my email or checked a social feed before writing this blog post, for example, but those are traps.

Those are what other people want me to see and read.

How are you supposed to know what you should be doing?

Well, as Gary Keller says, there is always only one most important thing.

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