Free Concerts & Showing Up

If your favorite performer (any kind; musician, magician, athlete, comic, author, etc.) were giving a free performance on your front lawn tonight at 7:00 PM, would you be there?

Of course you would. You wouldn’t miss it for the world.

You wouldn’t start cooking a three course dinner at 6:30, or hop in the bath at 6:45. In fact, you would probably be fully showered, dressed, well-fed, with a comfortable lawn chair, a snack, and a beverage ready, all in advance.

You might even have already spread the word to your close friends and neighbors too.

So why is it sometimes so hard for us to make other things happen for ourselves?

Well, a few possibilities:

  • We don’t love our self as much as we should. (Or, we don’t see how the task at hand is the path to that kind of love).
  • We don’t schedule a specific time to do it.

An obvious example: if you view ‘going to the gym’ as a chore, as an obligation that brings on resentment or reluctance, then you’ll never regularly go.

If you can cross that bridge, and buy in to the fact that exercise will help you achieve your dream, but don’t schedule the time for it, you’re also likely to flounder.

You can insert any self-improvement opportunity or habit here in place of exercise.

If you have a deep understanding of your ‘why’, plus the discipline to practice it at the regularly appointed time, you’ll get it done, and then some.

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