What Is Your ‘Why’?

Here’s my ‘why’: there was a period in my life when I was depressed. I was sedentary, out of shape, and, extremely unhealthy. I didn’t even want to live.

But within that darkness there was an enormous amount of power and light. It took time, but I learned how to turn that around and use it.

So today, I eat well and train hard to keep growing as strong, happy, and healthy as I can be. And there’s no limit to how far that might go.

You’ve got to get very specific.

You’ve got to dig deep.

You’ve got to be really honest with yourself. (And me, if we’re working together.)

Is it something that really bothers you about the way you look or feel?

Is it the fact that you don’t like taking your shirt off at the beach?

Is it because your wife keeps nagging you about it?

Did you just find out that a friend your age is chronically ill, or worse?

Whatever your ‘why’, you need to find it. Write it down. Look at it from time to time.

It’s a game-changer. It makes everything else work.


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