4 Tips For Productivity At Home

If you’re working from home these days with kids in the house, you may have already learned that you have less ‘quiet, focus’ time than you did in the office …

… unless you take measures and draw clear boundaries.

This will vary a little bit with the age of the children, but in general, applies to all.

The thing is that they, and your spouse, will respect your boundaries if you make it clear that it is important to you, and for them, and why.

So you’ll need to have that conversation first, and, possibly remind them a few more times.

My kids are ten and eight, for reference. However I’ve been working from home at least partially for several years. So I’m aware that the younger they are, the more attention they require.

So, enroll your dream team (that’s your family) first. Let them know that during these hours, or, ‘when this door is closed’, that this time is your work time. Explain why that it important for them, not for you.

Second: welcome all interruptions with love. You are going to get interrupted. That’s a foregone conclusion. The question is, will you react with anger, or respond with grace? You will find that the latter allows you to get right back to the task at hand, quicker.

Third: schedule your day and stick to it. For obvious reasons, if you don’t have a set time for meals, work, exercise, and play, you’ll be all over the place.

Fourth: shower, shave (if applicable), and get dressed before you start working. When you look good, you feel and perform good. When you’re in your pajamas, you’re going to move and think more slowly.

Any others from you? Comment below & let me know.

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