Are You ‘Always On’?

I know a few people who have told me that they are ‘always on’. Perhaps you’re one of them too.

I’ve been in that mode before as well.

Except it’s not really possible to be ‘always on’ all the time, perpetually.

Yes, you can absolutely go into ‘warrior mode’ for long, extended periods of time, even for years. For example, you may have to push through an extremely challenging project for a month, or, build out a restaurant and see it through to profitability for a year or two.

The list could go on.

But even in those examples, you would actually be a far better warrior with proper amounts of rest and recovery.

At some point your body will slow you down if you don’t let it slow down.

You might just need as little as a few minutes a day to clear your head, but trust me, you need it.

Making time for rest, recovery, relaxation, and introspection does not mean that you’re not moving forward.

In fact, it means that you are.

Ignoring those thing will actually hold you back, which, goes against your mantra of ‘always moving forward’.

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