Have You Given Up On Joy?

If your job doesn’t bring you any joy, you may not be as stuck as you feel right now.

Let’s take one random, made-up example: as a child you loved art, and wanted to be an artist. Today, you are an insurance broker with a mortgage to pay, so there’s no possible way you could quit your job.

Well, a broker is a salesperson. There aren’t many more powerful sales tools than the those which are sincere, and which deepen the connection between you and your clients.

Why not create them a personally drawn ‘Thank You’ card every year. Perhaps send it and sign it at a time that’s not Christmas, so it stands out from the crowd.

Is there a therapy group nearby that could benefit from someone that can teach the group some basic art skills?

Could you create something artistic that might delight others during your commute on the train?

Let’s stop there with three simple, quick suggestions for brevity.

The possibilities of how you might incorporate more joy into your work, or life, are endless.

The real question is, when did give up trying?

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