Leave The Door Open For Progress

Whatever you decide to do is OK.

What’s more important is how conscious you are of the decision itself.

Your ego is very smart. It doesn’t like to do certain things, like change, or become exposed to potentially being hurt.

It will come up with quick rationalizations, justifications, and excuses as to why you should, or should not do certain things, often steering you towards the path of least resistance.

When you let your fear-driven ego guide you, without questioning it, then you’re not really in control.

Because your true values, dreams, and goals don’t reside in your ego. They live much deeper, in your subconscious, and you need to work hard to silence or ignore your ego, to feel them, and to manifest them into reality.

At the end of the day, if you’re not ready to do that, if you’re not ready to take that step (to write that book, to say ‘no’ to that piece of cake, or to go to the gym) then, that’s OK.

As long as you are fully aware and awake to the fact that you’re not yet ready, which is very different from telling yourself that you didn’t have a choice.

Blindly agreeing with your ego make it permissible for you not to progress out of habit.

At the very least, acknowledging that you’re not ready for progress today leaves the door open for progress tomorrow.

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