The Power Of Your Food Dollar

Before you check a few price tags and conclude that organic, whole foods costs you more money than conventional processed foods, consider that there are additional, real costs that you are paying for with those conventional, processed foods:

  • The higher cost of your healthcare, in the form of more co-payments, full out-of-pocket medical expenses, supplements, and medications over time.
  • The higher cost of buying more food, as conventional & processed foods are less nutritionally dense and satiating.
  • The portion of your state and federal taxes that goes to subsidizing the enormously large factory farming & mass food production industries.*
  • The future cost of having to rebuild a broken healthcare, farming, and food system.

*Now this one may seem like a stretch, but it’s not. Yes, the portion of your dollars that subsidizes these industries is determined before you actually go to the supermarket on Sunday, but where you spend your dollars on Sunday is not.

The decisions you make as to where to spend your dollar has more power than you might think.

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