Your Brightest Light

Depression is one of the many feelings that we, as emotional human beings, can feel.

When you are depressed, it’s a bit more than just being sad. Typically it lasts longer and pervades across everything that you do.

If feels like that is the only feeling you will ever feel. In fact it feels like there is no hope to ever feel any other way, that things will ever get better.

I like to point out that, although you may not want to listen to me right now, or even if this does not make any sense to you right now, the extent to which you believe the above to be true, the exact depth of your darkness, the vastness of the emptiness of your lack of feelings, that is the very measure of how much love, vitality, and hope that you will one day have the power to feel again.

One cannot know what it means to be without hope unless first knows what hope feels like.

Getting back there, that’s a process. It may take awhile. It took me several years.

But the source of your brightest light is the depth of your darkest night.

(Sorry for the cheesy rhyme, it just worked out that way.)

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