My 40th Birthday Workout

As many of you noticed, I turned 40 on Tuesday. Thank you again for all of your birthday wishes.

On Tuesday I also officially became leaner, stronger, and faster than I was at 39, 38, and 37.

Of course, that did not just ‘happen’ on December 3rd 2019. That happened every day in between December 3rd 2018 & December 3rd 2019. My ‘birthday workout’ is something that I mentally and physically prepare for all year long. When November comes around, I really start to get excited, and a little bit nervous, for it.

Will I be able to beat last year’s numbers? If I don’t, does that mean that I’m starting to decline?

I do not report these results and observations to brag. In fact they’re nothing to ‘brag’ about. There are many stronger and faster 40 year-olds than me. The nice thing about strength training is that you are not necessarily competing against anyone else, as is the case in team sports. You are competing against yourself. How much better can you become?

I report the results of my birthday workout with you because I am confident, in fact I am living proof, that you can become leaner, stronger, and faster every year too. Even if you’re 40.

Progress will vary based on certain factors and limitations. Your particular workout, style of training, and goals won’t (and shouldn’t) be exactly the same as mine.

Nonetheless, progress will be made once you set your mind to it.

You can see the chart of my last four years’ scores here.

The birthday gift here isn’t the result. As my Coach Zach Even-Esh says, the gift is the hard work that you put in all year long.

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