Are You Preparing Too Much?

I have a lot of meetings, with all different kinds of clients.

I prepare for all of them in advance.

Depending on the meeting, I’ll make outlines, review past notes, think about good questions to ask, and possibly even have meetings about those meetings in advance.

But eventually, the time for the meeting comes. The hours pass by, and, one by one, the amount of available time for preparation becomes less and less.

Inevitably for some meetings, I may feel, as the hour approaches, like I need to prepare more. That I need to look up one more fact, or have one more piece of paper printed, or bring one more object …

… but that last feeling is never true.

It’s never the case that, after I have already prepared, that I need to prepare more with external material.

Rather, the answer always seems to lie in me doing less.

In settling down, in grounding myself, in knowing that the answers, that everything I could possibly need, is inside of me.

The answers are inside of you, too. Sometimes you just need to take your nose out of that book or screen, sit still, and let them surface.

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