My Second 40

On Tuesday I began ‘my second forty’.

In case you missed any of my previous posts about my intention to live to be 120 years old and be able to do a push-up, that means the second out of a total of three to come.

This, at least for me, is an important distinction from ‘just turning 40’.

I am not passively aging. I am actively participating in getting older the way that I want to.

I am not attempting to avoid old age or cheat death. I have no intention of prolonging my life with unnatural or unsafe means.

I simply want to be around, productive, valuable, and effective as long as possible.

Most likely the #1 thing I’ll need to work on for the next 40 years, to set myself up for an awesome final 40 years, doesn’t have anything to do with food or exercise.

My sense is that it has to do with lowering stress and improving relationships. But we’ll see.

How are you getting older?

However it happens, or, on your own terms?

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