Have We Forgotten How To Eat?

I’ve got a little bit of belly fat, and, the other day my son innocently suggested that it was probably there because ‘I eat too much’.

Last night my daughter helped me make a simple, beautiful salad for dinner with some leftovers, fresh vegetables, and herbs. When we were done, she remarked that ‘it looked like the rainbow’.

‘Eat just enough, not too much’. ‘Eat the rainbow’.

Both of these are topics that I covered in nutrition school, and here we have seven & nine-year old kids pointing them out with no ‘instruction’.

Additionally, if you were to follow these two simple principles regularly, you’d be in pretty good shape. Far better shape than most people in our country.

It’s not rocket science. ‘How to eat’ is something we’ve always known, and simply either buried or forgotten.

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