How To Raise Your Food Awareness

Not everyone can just ‘wing it’ when it comes to their diet. In fact, there’s probably really only a few people who can do that very well, meaning, eat whatever they want and have little consequences.

In fact, the people you see who are really on top of their diets, but who don’t seem to work very hard at it, such as bodybuilders or health professionals, well the truth is that they did put a lot of effort into getting there. It more likely that they’ve just been doing that for so long, that, it becomes a bit more effortless & intuitive over time.

The point I’m making today is that you may need some help, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

One of the tools I often use to help clients begin to master what foods work for them is a food journal, also known as a food diary.

I’ve seen many different kinds. At their core, what they do is track everything that you eat, along with how you feel afterwards, for a short period of time. Usually a week or two is a great place to start.

And yes, this is where the work comes in. You actually have to write things down and be honest.

I prefer pen & paper but there are apps for this as well. Whatever system you’re going to actually use, I’m all in on.

Food journals be fun. They can include games, such as ‘trying to eat until your 80% full’, or ‘rating how this made you feel from a scale of 1-10’. They can also be cross referenced against your athletic performance, so if you’re into training, you can see which foods improve or detract from your output.

You’re not going to keep a food journal forever, that’s not the point. The point is to start to identify patterns, look for foods that cause negative problems, and remove them.

Important note: you may need the guidance of a coach or other health professional here, depending on the problems you are trying to eliminate.

Once you’ve mastered food journaling you have then raised your own internal awareness, and you’re on your way to being able to eat well without the pen and paper.

Food journals are just one of many tools out there that can get you on your way. If you want to learn more, feel feel to ask me. Remember that your first coaching session with is 100% free and confidential.

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