Batch Cooking Isn’t Boring

I don’t find eating ‘the same thing’ all week long boring at all. In fact, I find it quite fun. I’ll explain.

Let’s say that on Saturday or Sunday, I batch cook several main components:

  • A large portion of lentils
  • A pot of broth
  • A large portion of rice
  • A mashed cauliflower with yogurt & cheese
  • A few grilled chicken breasts

That’s actually quite a bit of variety right there, and, I’ve done less for the week, as little as 1 or 2 even.

You can already see how you might serve and eat those several different ways.

None of that gets assembled together until it’s time to heat & eat.

Add some finishing touches, such as different dry spices, spreads, or oils for dressing.

If one thing runs out, serve another with some fresh greens or fruit.

Just have a bowl of soup (or two) for a meal.

For every time you cook, as a working parent, you need to eat at least twice, if not more. I go for four or five times.

I don’t get bored at all, knowing that I have good food to eat when I get home, with no mystery to the ingredients, that’s going to save me money and make me stronger.

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