Wellness Industry Standards

Insurance companies have been starting to come around to the fact that healthy people are better investments than unhealthy people.

But, how do they determine who’s risky, and who’s not?

One life insurance brokerage I spoke with recently explained that they have three tiers:

  1. Standard rates: ‘average’ health based on your cohort.
  2. ‘Health Conscious’: you qualify for better rates if you pass a health quiz (it wasn’t hard to pass) and exercise at least a few times per week.
  3. ‘Extremely Fit’: you qualify for even slightly better rates if you meet criteria #2, plus, you also meet one of these:
    • You actively run races and finish in the top 50th percentile, such as marathons or obstacle course runs
    • You are a certified personal trainer or similar

We’re getting there, slowly.

In my opinion, this is a great step. But frankly, I’m looking to blow these tiers out of the water when it comes to my health.

By the time wellness industry standards catch up, it’s my goal that you & I will be far, far ahead of the curve.

Here’s what I’m targeting, and, I hope that you’ll join me:

To be so healthy that I’ll be paid for staying well and saving them money. To rarely get sick. To treat myself preventatively through food, exercise, relationships, and relaxation. To have my doctor know me well and deeply; not unwell and briefly. To live to be 120 and still do push-ups.

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