Little Actions

Tomorrow morning, you’re not going to wake up and be transformed.

There is no magic wand.

However, you do have the power to manifest your reality.

You are in control of it right now, whether you realize it or not.

Transformation is always happening, at every moment. It’s just a question of whether or not you are actively leading forwards, or passively following it nowhere.

How can you seize the reigns of this? How can you implement and execute this concept? How can you make the vision of your future a reality?

Through actions. More specifically, through little actions.

Every ‘little’ action counts.

An extra glass of water means one less cup of coffee.

A bunch of junk food thrown out of your pantry means space for something better on the shelf.

A deep breath means the difference between reacting out of anger, or responding from a place of compassion.

Parking your car a few blocks away from your door means thousands of extra steps each year.

Each of these little actions is what leads to big changes.

You cannot see transformation happening because you are in the middle of it.

But you can make it happen in any direction that you choose.

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