Are Your Meals Incomplete?

One possible reason you’re not losing weight, or always hungry, is that you’re not getting enough protein quickly enough.

Your body needs protein to rebuild, repair, grow, and, to feel satisfied.

If you eat a large combination of nutritionally incomplete foods, such as rice and vegetables, you’re likely to be hungry soon.

Rice and vegetables are great, but, the protein is missing.

You may not need a lot, depending on your goals. (More would be needed to either maintain or gain weight, as opposed to lose weight.)

But you need to make sure you get some. Let’s say, about .5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day.

It doesn’t have to come from animal sources. For example, rice plus lentils combine to make a ‘complete’ source of protein.

What happens if you leave out or neglect the protein is that, because you’re hungry, you eat more … which means more sugar (from carbs) and fat (from actual fats or from excess sugar that becomes stored as fat) … which means, in the end, more body fat.

So, look for ways to get full faster by making sure that your meals are complete.

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