Are Calories Good or Bad?

“Dad, are 100 calories good, or bad?”

Six year olds tend to see things more clearly than us grown-ups do.

The question exists because of the answer: a “100 calorie” graphic is neither good nor bad.

When something is intrinsically good or bad, there is no question about it. For example: a young person helping an old woman across the street, or, a dictator has a group of people executed. It’s obvious.

Calorie graphics, by themselves, have no built-in ethical or moral value. The better question to ask is: “Are these 100 calories good or bad for me?”

When you look underneath the surface, when you see past the object that’s blocking your view of the truth (in this case, the cute graphic logo), you will see the truth.

The truth is always simple. The truth about food is in the ingredients.

Are 100 calories of Oreos the same as 100 calories of blueberries?

Gary Taubes wrote a good book called “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” But you don’t have to read that to get the answer.

You have always known the truth about food, from the very day you were born.

It just takes some practice to re-train how you see the world, and to trust yourself.

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