Don’t Ever Stop Publishing

When someone ‘likes’ a post on my blog, it has real meaning for me. I am not a ‘numbers’ guy – I hardly ever check my stats.
Scott Berkun interestingly describes the process by which the WordPress ‘like’ function developed into what it is today in this fascinating book. The point is, he and his team understood what it felt like to publish something, and then get positive feedback.

Most bloggers either publish nothing, or perhaps publish a few posts and then disappear. There’s a vast universe of blogs collecting dust on the web – millions of them.

I promised to publish one post every day, forever. That’s why after almost 365 of them, it didn’t matter to me that I was averaging about ten ‘likes’ per day.

I believe that if I keep writing better, more ‘likes’ will follow. It doesn’t matter when. I also knew my first year would be a slow learning process.

Christian Mihai writes eloquently about blogging, publishing, writing, perseverance, and failure for his audience of over 70,000 people. When I advertised this post on his blog yesterday, the traffic to my site skyrocketed out of control. (For me.)

I just wanted to thank him and thank all of you for stopping by today & yesterday.

It’s going to take me a few days to visit each of your blogs, but I will. I love to see what you’re up to.

Don’t ever stop publishing because it’s a long-term process. Seth Godin didn’t gain over two million followers after one-hundred posts. They started following him over the course of thousands of posts.

This applies, by the way, to everything that you do 🙂

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