The Cogs of Industrialism

To expand a little on yesterday’s post,
What do I mean when I say I should “change the distribution of money” or “eliminate the need for it altogether?” I do not mean that we should adopt communism. I like free markets and capitalism. Not perfect, but I like them.

I mean to change the way we think about money, which was summed up much better than I could have by Seth Godin in that post. It is possible to do business ethically, to find happiness & meaning in our work, to contribute to society, and to connect with people. It just may be a different path than we are on right now.

It might not be easy to change gears, but I know that I will not find happiness in the cogs of industrialism. All machines depreciate over time.  Some of them can last a century, but make no mistake: they become outdated eventually.

Even the ones that are not made out of metal.

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