The Dream

“You can’t live the dream if you don’t play the game.®” – New York Lottery slogan.
I’m insulted by that. I can achieve my dream. Who are you to tell me otherwise? Did I even tell you what my dream was? Oh, I get it. You are assuming that my dream is to be given $56 million and then go buy a mansion, a fancy car, and lots of stuff. That’s not my dream.

Your “game” is stupid. It’s not even a game. Chess is a game. Lottery is gambling, and perhaps the worst kind. Worse than playing blackjack at a table or poker in a basement. At least I get to interact with other people when I play cards, and have fun. Your lottery is not for fun, it’s for profit. It’s a 100% for profit business that sucks the money out of people who need it the most one dollar at a time. It’s vicious and it should be illegal.

Vicious because of your slogan. Vicious because you are marketing a lie, deliberately. You are preying on the hopes people.

I’m not stupid though. I know that you’re not going to wake up tomorrow, read this blog, and suddenly say, “Fried is right! The Lottery is unethical. We must change our practices or dismantle it.”

Instead, I’m going to empower myself. You depend on my dollar. You need me to dream your dream.

I’m making my own dream happen. I win.

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