I can pinch your head.

It’s a simple trick that you may recall was fascinating in your childhood. You take your fingers close to your eyes, & you can make things right in front of you seem tiny enough to pinch in between them.
I still find this fascinating. I’m 33 years old.

Right or wrong, true or false, here or there, big or small, good or bad … everything depends on your perspective. We know this, but we often forget.

Try to look at every situation with a truly blank slate. You don’t know anything. Don’t assume anything. Let the situation develop itself. Think about it from the other parties’ perspective. Do not project what you think is the case onto the case.

It sounds simple but it really takes a lot of practice. We’ve been brought up to make so many assumptions every day that they become second nature.

If we want to make progress, we must break our habits & try new solutions. We won’t get there with the same old worldview.

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