Don’t Just Listen To Me.

Here are 5 other podcasts in the wellness space:

Living 4D With Paul Chek

Paul Chek is sometimes referred to as ‘the godfather of holistic health’. While he often dives into spirituality and other unconventional topics, make no mistake: his nutrition & exercise background is second to none.

This is a great podcast for any open-minded, explorative person.

The more closed-minded person might be turned off … but that’s a sign of resistance that Paul would say needs to be explored.

The Huberman Lab with Andrew Huberman

If you want to take a deep dive for 2, 3, or sometimes 4 hours on the nitty-gritty science behind wellness topics such as nutrition, sleep, psychology, metabolism, and much more, then this is the podcast for you.

Dr. Huberman always gives a thorough overview of the most current research and does a nice job of ultimately distilling it all down at the end of each episode.

The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

Dr. Lyon covers nutrition, personal development, and focuses on evidence-based science. She’s newer to the podcast game and has some excellent guests, such as Alan Aragon & Mark Divine.

Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

Josh takes a thoughtful, holistic approach to wellness. He covers breathwork & spirituality, in addition to weight loss and nutrition.

The Ben Greenfield Life Podcast

Formerly known as the ‘Ben Greenfield Fitness’ podcast, Ben is known for being at the forefront of ‘biohacking’. He’s a former bodybuilder & endurance athlete with a scientific background.

Earlier episodes focus more on nutrition. In 2022 he shifted to discussing parenting and life issues. Whether you like his new direction or not, if you want good info on a specific cutting edge topic, this is a good place to search.

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