My Weekly Food Plan

Yesterday I gave a general overview about planning your nutrition for the week, versus not planning at all.

Here’s the plan I follow, as one example:


Each week I make sure to restock so that my pantry, fridge & freezer combine to contain the following:

  • 3-4 proteins
  • 3-4 dozen eggs
  • 3-4 vegetables
  • 3-4 fruits
  • 1-2 carb dense foods
  • 3-4 ‘grab & go’ snacks that require no prep
  • 1-2 ‘stay at home’ snacks for noshing or dessert
  • 1-2 containers of dairy-free milk & coconut water (for making smoothies)
  • Staples for cooking; butter, oil, spices.

I don’t buy all of these weekly; I simply replenish to these levels when needed.

I do buy some fresh & some frozen.

I do vary & rotate so as not to get too repetitive, or to periodically try new or seasonal foods.


I always cook about half of what I purchase that week right away, often right when I get home from the supermarket, or later that day.

By cooking at least 1-2 proteins & vegetables right away, I have several meals or meal bases done, and I prevent spoilage.

Then, throughout the week, whenever I’m in the kitchen and pre-cooked food is running low, I’ll pre-cook more while I am heating up or finishing a current meal, for more future meals.


I make sure to eat regularly, when I’m hungry, approximately as follows:

Each meal contains 1 protein + 1-2 vegetables.

Typically 3 meals per day, but could be 2 or 4.

Typically 1 or 2 fruits per day.

Typically 2-3 smoothies post workout per week.


That’s it. I’ll share more about which kinds of foods soon.

Typically 2 servings of nuts or snacks per day.

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