“I’m addicted to sugar.”

There are books & documentaries portraying sugar as the devil, and to a large degree, they’re right; as a nation we have injected sugar into everything we can, and we are dying because of it.

However, there’s a big difference between a diet of soda & donuts, and healthy carbohydrate intake.

Most people need carbohydrates; they just don’t need processed & refined sugars, certainly not in large quantities.

Yes, sugar is addicting, biologically and mentally.

Here’s the good news:

When you rebalance yourself, you can break the cycle.

You can get to a point where the taste of a Snickers bar is so overwhelmingly sweet that you would spit it out.

I know, because I have done it myself, and coached many others to do the same.

And I used to eat the classic Standard American Diet.

Each person’s path is different.

I don’t know very many things for certain, but I do know this:

You CAN break your sugar addiction.

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