Building Your Own Framework

Welcome to several new daily readers!

I thought it would be fitting to revisit a few basic, fundamental things about my approach to health for you (all).

There are several frameworks out there for health.

None of them are necessarily ‘right or wrong’.

It’s about finding one that works best for you.

Or, more likely, you will find multiple approaches that you love select pieces from.

You’ll pick & choose, keep what works for you, discard the rest, and synthesize your own approach.

Your own Path, if you will 🙂

It’s a continuous journey.

This means that you won’t agree with, or be able to relate to, everything I say – and that’s OK.

In fact, that’s good.

That’s a sign that you’re finding your own Path.

In fact, if you’re never disagreeing with anything that you hear about nutrition, exercise, or wellness; if you’re constantly trying things without ever feeling that they’re not right for you …

… then that’s a sign that you’re not finding your own Path.

You may just be seeking someone to tell you what to do.

Sometimes, this is known as ‘white-coat syndrome’; blindly trusting anyone with a lab coat, or a bestseller, or a lot of IG followers …

… I’ll do my best not to make your decisions for you, and rather, to open the door, and let you decide for yourself if you want to walk through it.

That’s it for today – more tomorrow about the framework that I find best for me.

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