What Does Your Soul Need Most Right Now?

I read a lot.

I’ve got a library full of books, many of which I re-read, more than once.

I’ve got a list of books that I will read.

I’ve got an electronic file full of book notes & quotes from my favorites.

Sometimes, when I’m not 100% sure which book I will read next, I try to listen to my soul as I consider the options.

‘What do I need most right now?’

Some books have a way of answer that call, that question.

For example:

I just finished “The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning” by Zach Even-Esh.

This book has been prominently on my bookshelf for several years.

Zach has been my Coach since 2016. (I checked.)

I consume lots of his material: his podcasts, articles, programming, and forum conversations.

We’ve even occasionally exchanged an email.

Once, I sent him a book as a gift, because he has done so much for me.

But still … I never read The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning … even though I knew it was his ‘opus’; a major part of his life’s work.

Furthermore, this book is no longer available in print. It’s actually rare to have a printed copy, which I acquired before the publisher took it out of print. Thus, it’s in high demand in the strength & conditioning community.

Even though I already ‘knew’ most of the material because I actually follow his training methods daily, reading the book takes that knowledge to a completely different level.

For several reasons, my soul knew that NOW was the right time for me to read it.

I hope one day you get the chance to, if you’re into the topic.

Either way: how do you choose what to read next?

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