Simple Steps

I talked yesterday about how simple the concept of energy balance is as it pertains to your nutrition & health.

Of course, simple does not mean easy.

So, how to proceed? How to move forward, if the concept is so simple?

Well, you may be overcomplicating it.

The first step should be the simplest, easiest, most obvious step possible.

Long before you get into anything more complicated, just start.

Don’t research diets, read book, or even talk to others – yet.

You can do all of that later.

How about starting with what you already know for sure, is at your disposal, and you can execute right now?

Like drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day, for example.

Or removing processed foods.

For most people, if they were to just do that – then go read & research all of the other stuff – that would be enough to get the ball rolling downhill.

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