The “1 Day 1 Life” Principle

Mark Divine on what he & his team call the “1 Day 1 Life” principle:

“Every day is a lifetime of learning, growth, and opportunity to evolve yourself and to serve more powerfully. When that day is over, it’s like a metaphorical death. You’re done, with that day. But you could be done with your life, and so, be happy.

The only way to know that [this was a day well-lived; this was a life well-lived;] is to commit to your evolution and do the best you can every day, and then, the more nuanced you get with your practice, it becomes every minute, and then every second, and then moment-to-moment-to-moment … until you’re so present, and so aware that every thought that comes up, every emotion that comes up, every experience that you have, every interaction you have is an opportunity to ask: ‘How can I use this moment to evolve, and serve?’ And that becomes, just part of your awareness.

This is a state of perpetual flow. In that perpetual flow state, the best is always going to come out of you, because you’re able to ask and answer that question in real time.”

Mark divine

That’s from Wellness Force podcast with Josh Trent, episode 410.

Worth a listen.

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