100 Calories

It’s very easy to eat 100 calories of food.

As you can see in the supermarket, there are hundreds of ‘100 Calorie’ snacks to choose from.

However, if you weigh & measure out 100 calories of spinach, that’s about 14 or 15 ounces of spinach.

You probably don’t even have a bowl or container in your kitchen big enough to hold that much, unless you regularly keep a very large salad bowl on the counter that could serve 4 people.

The thing is that the calorie density of the spinach versus the cookies or crackers is vastly different. The spinach is only about 7 calories per ounce.

However the nutritional density of the spinach is much greater, meaning that ounce per ounce, your body is getting much more of what it needs when eating spinach. (And also, depending on the snack in question, none of the harmful additives.)

As you can see, it’s very easy to eat 100 calories of food.

It’s not as easy to eat the right 100 calories of food that your body needs today.

You can, however, figure this out with practice.

Also, you can steam your spinach, shrinking it down and making it much easier to chew 🙂

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