It’s Not (Necessarily) In A Cave

One of the wisest pieces of advice I have heard, from several different people with extensive experience in the matter, with regards to spiritual development and enlightenment is that it is not meant to be found in a solitary cave or temple.

I remember when I was a young boy, and I realized that most of everything we chase in society is irrelevant and impermanent.

In fact, my very first blog post back in 2013, while not directly about this topic, carried the same sentiment.

And so this feeling that ‘there are more important things to pursue’ than money, possessions, or status has been with me a long time.

But for a while I did wonder if the only way to follow that path was to give everything up and move to a monastery?

Well, the answer is no, I’m happy to say.

You can move to a monastery and renounce all possessions if that’s what you feel you must do. But it is most certainly not the only path you can take in pursuit of virtue, and service to others.

In fact, as I began this post by saying, it is right here, in the middle of your relationships and responsibilities to others, both personal and professional, that you probably belong.

It is here, in your home and office, that you can explore how to have truly enlightened relationships, and how through these relationships with others, you can not only grow yourself, but you can help them to grow, grow the relationships (which is an additional thing), and even grow the community and world around you.

Simply put: you can let your family be your temple.

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