What Does ‘Vitalize Your Life’ Mean?

At some point, I decided to move forward with the name ‘Vitalize Your Life’ for my webpages and health coaching programs because it most closely captured how I am trying to help you.

I will be honest with you, however, I don’t love the phrase. The word Vitality is very important to me, it has a lot of meaning, which I’ve written about repeatedly.

Yet still, something feels like it’s missing. I don’t fret over it. At some point with any project, you have to pick something and go with it.

Except, as we move towards the new year, and as I move forward with evolving my practice, I sense that it’s time to refocus my writing, for you.

This may not mean a new name for the blog but, when I think about ‘who and what this blog is for’, it has always been for you. It has always been about how my own journey from a place where my vitality was almost extinct, to one where it is full and vibrant, along with everything else that I’ve learned and practiced, might provide you some guidance in making the same transformation.

So, that’s a bit of a ramble but also, a call for feedback.

What does this blog mean to you? Why do you read it?

Let me know. (I read all comments, emails, and replies.)

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