Life Is Vibrating

The phrase “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over” echoes.

Here’s the thing about pain: it has nothing to do at all with the calendar.

It is the other side of the same coin that pleasure is a part of.

You cannot have one without the other, it is impossible.

Pain implies pleasure, anger implies compassion, hate implies love, and so forth.

In fact, you can only experience one to the depth that you have experienced the other.

Even more correctly, they are the same, they are not separate, so it is not ‘one and/or the other’.

Life is an active process, a series of waves, a constant weaving in and out.

And so this is never ‘over’, not even in death.

But if you would like to put it into the context of the calendar, the holidays, and the years, my hope is that what you can expect to gain from this next holiday season in 2021 is a profoundly deeper appreciation for the ability to be with others whom you could not this year.

That will make your life all the more richer.

Be well, and, I am thankful for you.

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