Stitches & Self-Care

You couldn’t put together a human body from scratch no matter how hard you tried.

Gather the best surgeons, scientists, robots, and whatever other resources you can muster.

The interdependent functioning process of systems called ‘your body’ is, by far, the most complex machine on our planet.

Sure, you can stitch up a cut, or even transplant a heart. But that’s patchwork. Skillful, delicate patchwork, but patchwork nonetheless.

How the body works is nearly impossible to explain (at least, scientifically), let alone create.

So, how does this perspective help?

Well, first, it reminds you how awesome (and intelligent) nature is. It is not to be messed with, disrespected, underestimated, or abused.

Second, it reminds you that your body can also, to a surprising degree, heal itself.

It can reverse ‘chronic’ conditions without the extreme intervention of allopathic medicine, if given half a chance.

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