“When This Is Over …” (Part II)

Two weeks ago I wrote a post titled “when this is over”, highlighting how poor we are at predicting the future, but also how we can shape our own destinies through our behaviors today.

Right after publishing that, as I usually do on Friday mornings, I went into my gym to train.

Almost immediately I thought to myself, “When this is over, I know I will be stronger because I’ve been putting in the work.”

So my suggestion for you today to take this from ‘nice idea’ into actionable practice is to modify the phrase.

Every time you think to yourself “when this is over” (and, I know that’s happening a lot), stop and change it to the much more powerful:

When this is over, I know I will ______ because ______.”

Now, it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.

If you can’t then you have a choice to make. You either have work to do, or you’re choosing not to give it your best to make ______ become reality.

If you can, then it will become true.

The secret to every overnight success, every championship, every hit song, every significant accomplishment, public or private, is that none of them happened overnight.

They all started one day, when no one else was watching, when one person decided to begin putting in the hard work that it would take to get there.

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