What Worked Yesterday?

I hear a lot of ‘the world will never be the same’ these days.

I don’t hear a lot of ‘nothing has changed’.

They’re both true, of course, as with every side of the elephant, depending on how you look at it.

What’s true about the statement that ‘nothing has changed’?

Nothing has changed about the fact that …

… daily, consistent effort pays off.

… you value what you pay for.

… there will always be posers and fakers who jump in and try to make a quick buck.

… if what you offer is valuable, people will pay for it.

… if you help people solve a real problem that they have, that’s valuable.

… you’re likely to fail a few times before you get even half good at doing it.

So if you’re jumping into virtual business of any kind for the first time, the fact that it’s remote doesn’t really matter that much. Beware of the quick fixes and unicorn promises.

What works today is also what worked yesterday: authenticity, generosity, vulnerability, connection, and guts.

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