One of the infinite sub-paradoxes of the grand paradox we call life is that while everything you do matters, at the same time, nothing you do really matters at all.

With experience I’ve come to find humor in the absurdity of things, such as the way we take ourselves so seriously, or how we fall into various patterns, or even the lives that we have created for ourselves.

It’s a funny thing to debate over a gluten-free beer with a philosophy professor, but not so funny if you’re caught too far up in the darker side of that debate.

It wasn’t so funny when I was a young, depressed teenager with no sense of purpose. Of course, there were many other factors, but in the right combination you can lose your will to live completely.

On the other hand, as Victor Frankl points out, a man with a purpose can endure just about anything. If you have a purpose, then no matter what else is going on in the world, every little thing you do does matter.

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