Why Is Self-Love Important?

I like to look at health through four pillars: Nutrition, Strength, Calm, & Love.

You can choose to accept, change, or reject that view. I’ve seen smart systems with 7 or 12 pillars. I’ve seen all different words used to describe them.

But for today, let’s go with these 4, and, specifically, Love.

I was going to write to you about ‘How to Shop For Organic Produce’, but I stopped.

Your skills as reading labels of strawberry containers don’t really matter if you don’t love yourself.

You can’t really love those around you fully if you don’t love yourself.

(You can do a very good job, but you’ll always be a bit short of your full potential, or, missing something.)

You aren’t likely to achieve your goals if you don’t love yourself.

On the other hand, when you give yourself permission to love yourself (which is not always obvious or easy), you begin to grow in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.

You become capable of giving even more love to those around you.

And finally, you enable yourself to make changes that support your goals – whatever those goals may be.

Most of the clients I work with want to lose weight, for example. But it’s very difficult for them to begin to try a new habit if, underneath that goal, is a lack of self-love.

Self-love is not selfish.

It’s selfless.

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