Ensure Your Own Health

Thirty-three years ago, Dr. Bernie Siegel wrote this:

Even our health insurance system rewards illness by penalizing those who take care of themselves. If payments reflected our commitment to health instead of statistical assumptions based on age, family, history, and a cursory physical, we could give people more of an incentive to take charge of their health. We should establish certain basic requirements – controlling weight, not smoking, and so on. When those are met for a minimum fee, all medical expenses would be covered. Those who meet none of the requirements would have to pay much larger premium. Cigarette and liquor taxes could also be set aside for a national health-insurance fund to keep those who work at their health from having to pay the bills of those who don’t.

Love, Medicine, & Miracles” by Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Others have said it before, and, thankfully, more are saying it now.

You don’t need a company to insure your health.

You can be an active participant and ensure your own health.

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