You’re the CEO. Now What?

If you were starting a company tomorrow, what would your role be? What is your area of greatest potential?
One person cannot do everything – believe me, I’ve tried. You must be smart enough to delegate certain roles to people who are smarter than you.

Back to you. You might quickly know that you’d need to hire three people to do A, B, & C because you can’t. So you hire them. What’s left for you to do?

If you haven’t thought about that, or if you aren’t doing whatever it is, maybe it’s time to start.

Ever since the internet was invented, the opportunity for you to be CEO of your life has been waiting.

Oh, I thought about it for a week. I was stumped at first. Here’s my answer:

I see myself as a problem solver, figuring out innovative ways to make customers happier & operations smoother.

Post yours in the comments!


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