Collecting Internet Dust

“I think Facebook should advertise itself as a memorial service for the living. It makes the present feel as if it is instantaneously collecting dust.” – Carrie Brownstein, ‘You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song
Aside from the fact that I admire the quote & the article (by the way, Brownstein is co-creator of the show Portlandia), it begs the question: Are you living your life?

I’m not afraid of death, but it is starting to feel closer. I’m thirty-four, and I occasionally wonder how much time I have left. Will I make it fifty more years? I’ll fight for that and more.

Maximizing every minute is what I choose to focus on in the meantime. That’s what I call ‘living’.

I try to make the minutes I spend on social media meaningful, to me. Yet social media can be unavoidably distracting. I am guilty of wasting a little time.

What concerns me is that a generation of youth think that part of life is to automatically spend two hours per day Facebooking.

‘Facebooking’ is not a verb.

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