Different Kinds of Work

As a Father, I like to differentiate between Work, and work. Work (with a capital ‘W’) encompasses all of the things that are most important to me, including: taking care of my own mind, body, and spirit, so that I am in the best possible position to take care of those around me; important projectsContinue reading “Different Kinds of Work”

The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business

So, what is this ‘new direction’ I told you about yesterday? I’m going to tell you stories about my business that I’ve been afraid to, about all of my failures. I’ve had many successes too; I’ll share some of those as well. But I’ve had enough failures that it’s time to start making something usefulContinue reading “The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business”

Finding Purpose

I don’t think we have just one purpose in life. I do believe we should have as much as possible. At my worst, I felt zero purpose. I didn’t believe that one existed for me. (That was not true.) We perform our best when doing something with purpose. The most obvious example would be ‘for family’. But weContinue reading “Finding Purpose”

A Different Kind Of Scary

We don’t have to outrun mountain lions. We don’t have to pray for rain so that we might eat. We don’t have to travel across deadly uncharted terrain by horseback. We don’t have many imminently scary problems left to solve. We don’t have a shortage of people working in safe, established systems. We don’t have enoughContinue reading “A Different Kind Of Scary”

How To Beat Deadlines Before They Beat You

3:00 PM I start to get really cranky if I haven’t written the upcoming day’s blog post yet. (That’s when I leave my desk at the office.) 4:30 PM Sometimes I’m able to write (via dictation) on my way home, but once I’m home, it’s family time. 5:45 PM There is no way to sitContinue reading “How To Beat Deadlines Before They Beat You”

How To Articulate What You Believe

Yesterday post was a slight twist on Bernadette Jiwa’s exercise which she calls “The Value Proposition Hack.” It’s an exercise that you should try. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger; try filling in the blanks for anything that you do. It’s not easy, but, if you can’t articulate what you believe in, orContinue reading “How To Articulate What You Believe”

“The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter

Brittany Fichter doesn’t just write about neurological disorders, education, and loving life by the grace of God; she lives them. Her blog posts are as thoroughly researched as any that I’ve come across, and they have a certain authenticity woven into them that you can’t miss. Those things don’t happen by accident; they happen because sheContinue reading ““The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter”

Fear Of Freedom

I grew up as the fourth generation member of a family business, but my family hoped I would do … anything different. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Many of my peers were the same way; not sure what we would become. Why? I think perhaps one element is that we, orContinue reading “Fear Of Freedom”

Assigning Versus Asking

The guy who works for me didn’t follow directions. The other company didn’t deliver on time. The economy is suffering and people aren’t spending money. It’s very easy to assign blame in business; there’s plenty of it to go around. It’s much harder to ask if we did everything we possibly could to prevent thoseContinue reading “Assigning Versus Asking”

Can We Enhance Private Safety Nets?

Problem: How can we deliver mental health treatment to those who do not seek it? When I was at my worst, I was completely withdrawn. I did not speak to friends or family about it. I certainly did not log on to the world-wide web looking for answers. As more of our lives, particularly ofContinue reading “Can We Enhance Private Safety Nets?”